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20130922 - Under Pollination
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It stings. Looking at this obscure tulip stings.

In the sea of optimism and beauty and passion, it does exists.

Uncanny as it may to gaze upon it, the petals provoke him more.

But how can a man who stands in awe for such magnificence could simply take his eyes off?

The cynicism and discomposure it bears is equally comparable to its grandeur.

In its independence this tulip stands firm and isolated from other flowers.

The grace it conveys is so visible it attracts every imaginary eye in the room.

It’s splendour and elegance draws so much attention — Oh how can a man resist?

From a distant bench, an old man notices a bee flying towards the tulip.

Little by little the bee gets close to it, close enough as how it would appear to be allowed.

In a world full of beauty and optimism, an astonishing tulip is alone.

The old man wonders, “Does that bee make the tulip a little less cynic with its company?”