Author Topic: Road to a Rude Awakening  (Read 658 times)


Road to a Rude Awakening
« on: September 12, 2013, 10:08:21 pm »
Awakening, a lonely reality
Your photograph, dazzling, smiling, a beauty
The wounds once again raw
Burning hot, excruciating like churning saw

No matter what the truth
To that I no longer give a thought or care
Oh sweet love, your forbidden fruit
A poison so potent, so murderous, so rare

Those eyes before sparkles only for me
Slowly the sparks died, the light has left thee
Your smile faded, your brow furrowed
Your love cold, forbidding, such a sorrow

Your echoing cry for freedom resonating
So painful I cannot describe
I tried to save you, Oh God, how I tried
And the tears started to fall, one by one, and never dried

And who has taken your picture?
Who takes them now?
Who has taken my throne in your life?
Who was that woman that made you unwant me as your wife?

To those the answers I do not want to hear
The day passes and I feel like I am nearing the clear
But as I struggle on, the march becomes such a fit
To the road of no return, a road you and I will no longer meet

I vow that I will bid you farewell, my sweet love, my former life
With a peaceful face, radiant eyes, and a beautiful smile

The unspeakable pain it has gone through
I would like to rest my very weary heart
Do remember that I have loved you

But we are better off apart.
Loved the Beard :)