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What you should really expect when you're expecting
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Aiming to be Kate Middleton-perfect? According to an OB-GYN, no one really can.

You look at the photos of Kate Middleton when she was infanticipating and you sigh because she is a pretty picture of a glowing mom-to-be. The magazines that feature other preggy women also show them mostly in soft lighting, stroking their bellies tenderly, with a soft sigh and a secretive smile that can rival the Mona Lisa’s.

But really, ask any mom who has been there and done that, and they will say that pregnancy is nothing like those pretty pictures in real life. Obstetrician-Gynecologist Rebecca Ramirez Agcaoili, who holds clinics at the De Los Santos Medical Center and Victor R. Potenciano Medical Memorial Center, talks about the common complaints that she gets from her patients and reveals the cold hard truths about what you should really expect when you are expecting.

1. Morning Sickness

This is not even strictly a morning condition. Some get nauseous at night, while others can have it the whole day. According to the doctor, the body undergoes changes due to the HCG hormone. You become more sensitive to the sight, taste, and smell of food and other everyday things.  Some things that you used to like will now begin to nauseate you. "I’ve had a patient who did not like toothpaste. There are those who did not even like the scent of their husbands,” she reveals. To avoid throwing up, eat smaller meals. There are also supplements that you can take but the best you can do is simply avoid the triggers.” By the 16th week, this condition will improve, the appetite will come back, and you will find yourself with cravings.   

2. Gas pain, heartburn, acidity

These are, again, caused by hormones, which affect the digestive system. If this interferes with your nutrition, you would want to talk to your doctor about it. You will also pass gas – a lot of it, and this is also courtesy of your hormones.

3. Itchy abdomen

This is caused by the stretching of the skin on your tummy in the second trimester. What you can do? Apply a moisturizing agent, such as lotion or even petroleum jelly.

4. Leg cramps

These happy incidents happen usually at night, making it even harder for a preggy woman in her 2nd and 3rd trimester to sleep. “It can be caused by the weight gain, the effect of the expanding belly on the blood circulation in your lower extremities or the lack of calcium in the diet. "Calcium helps muscles to function properly. Remember too that the baby is sharing the mother’s calcium supply. Elevating your legs whenever you can also helps as well as stretching your calf muscles by flexing your toes towards your shin.”

5. Bathroom breaks

There are two things bound to happen to your bathroom breaks during pregnancy—a constant need to pee, and a harder time doing number 2.

Both are effects of the additional pressure on your bladder and rectal area. They will improve after birth. The added pressure on your bladder makes it difficult to empty it all at one go. Dr. Agcaoili suggests learning to pee standing up, just like our lolas did, so the stored liquids at the top of the bladder will not have any impediments on their way out.  On the topic of number 2, Dr. Agcaoili says it is a matter of what you put in. Some moms will experience constipation and bouts of loose stool. She recommends a diet that contains fiber.       

6. Skin Discoloration

The 2nd trimester is about the time you say buh-bye to your showbiz-white underarms. Skin darkens around this time due to the increased secretion of melanin. The discoloration usually happens on the armpits, neck, nipples, and face. Moles become darker, and a thin line called the linea nigra runs down your abdomen. This may be a big boo-hoo to women who have prided themselves on perfectly flawless and fair skin, but the good news is that this is a temporary condition. Dr. Agcaoili cautions against using whitening agents, particularly ones containing tretinoin, as it has been proven to cause congenital defect in babies, and also facial cleansers that contain antibiotics. “When in doubt, stick to the basics. It would also be safe to give your dermatologist or Ob-Gyn a list of your beauty products, just to be sure.”

7. Back Pain

The added weight, tilted pelvic bones,  and the difficulty in finding comfortable sleeping and sitting  positions to accommodate your expanding belly can give back aches. “Going to the spa or getting a massage from your husband helps, along with sleeping on a firm mattress and supporting your back with a small pillow while you sit. Avoid standing for long periods of time, and of course, use comfortable flat shoes instead of heels for walking.” You are also expected to waddle when you walk, because your balance has shifted.

8. Gum bleeding

“While this is expected because of the hormones in your body, you should also visit your dentist to rule out other possibilities. It is very important to continue practicing good oral hygiene in pregnancy.”

9. Weight gain

Preggy moms will gain around 20-25 pounds. Your breasts will get big and heavy, your face will also look bloated. “The older generation actually advised against taking pictures when you are pregnant, because you look pangit” she smiles. “But again, this is where the husbands come in and give support. The pregnancy weight will drop off eventually after you have your baby.”

This list may seem like something that will make every woman cringe at the thought of having a baby. But rest assured, after nine months, you are sure to forget about all these when you hold your much-awaited bundle of joy in your arms.

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