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73yr old powerlifting grandma sets record @};-
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Sandra Foli, a 73-year-old powerlifter, knew she had to change her lifestyle after septic shock nearly killed her. And she did: recently Foli set a record in the 100 Percent Raw Powerlifting competition, where lifting 181.5 lbs earned her a medal. She credits her personal trainer, Chad Hobbs, who she has worked with for five years (and jokes she has known him longer than his girlfriend has!).

Check out Sandra Foli sporting some sparkly black Converse throughout her workout: she throws, lifts and jumps like a champ, working hard to avoid being in a wheelchair in the future. Her hot trainer might be another motivation, too.  :D

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Go.Sandra!  ::flowers

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Re: 73yr old powerlifting grandma sets record @};-
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Wow. Almost as heavy as mine. To think na ganun na sya katanda pero anlakas pa din ng lower back.