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The Broken Vending Machine

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So this is the game.
To start, one person puts something into the vending machine and another person takes something else out. (kahit tagalog pwede)

Every person has to take something out and put something else in the machine. Whatever put in/ took out can be related or not. A fun forum game that is not so hard on your brains, LOL. You just have to have a sense of humor.

1 point each post.
All posting and forum rules apply.

Person 1: I put in a toothbrush
Person 2: I take out a empty bag of Lays.
                I put in a jar of maple syrup.
Person 3: I take out a maple tree.
                I put in a...and so on.

So I'll start:
I put in a rubber ducky.

i take out a lotion...  :D


--- Quote from: MiKeDaCuTe on August 12, 2013, 06:15:09 am ---i take out a lotion...  :D

--- End quote ---

come on cutie.. you have to put something in.. :)

let's start over.

I take out a pie
I put in a knife

I Take out the apple pie
I put in a box of Trojans

I take out the box of trojans
I put in a TV


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