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Testing lang po...
« on: July 23, 2013, 08:06:49 pm »
wala pa po title
nainspire lang nung quote na nabasa ko about being a clown
I hope this'll be appreciated and I'm open for corrections po just lemme know

You might see me laughing,
You might notice me wearing a grin.
But do you really believe that those are real,
When all this time there's someone I'm missin'?

It's hard to always be the tough guy,
Cause you have to show no emotion when someone says goodbye.
Unfortunately, for now, I have to say bye bye
And show all my toughness for you not to hear nor see me cry.

For now I promise to be around whenever you need me,
Cause for you  I can always make myself free,
You know since day one that you are important to me,
Though to you I'm just an option and never a priority.

So long and take care 'til we meet again,
Cause I'll never say goodbye to you my dear friend,
In this last line, before I take a bow,
I'd like you to know that I'm a clown who is feeling down.
He who knows not that he knows that is a fool.... Avoid him....


Re: Testing lang po...
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bigla ko rin naalala ito...
it's a japanese song.
pero may translation naman.  ;)

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A person becomes strong by accepting their fears.


Re: Testing lang po...
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Ha? Japanese song po to? Kakagawa ko lang neto nung nabasa ko ung quote e. Siguro a few minutes after I've read the said quote said by Morgan Freeman via 9gag.
He who knows not that he knows that is a fool.... Avoid him....