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Intertwined with You
« on: July 17, 2013, 06:02:50 am »

Oh, it doesn't matter sweetheart, whether in bed or at sea
Take both my trembling hands and bring out the best in me
Hold me so closely until I can’t finally breathe
Kiss these worries goodbye until to you I concede

Oh, untie me from my stresses, free me from this world
Whisper to me your secrets and curve my toes up ‘til they’re furled
Lingering around my belly, oh do feel that slow tempo
Caress my skin this way and bring me to a limbo

Oh, quicken my pulse darling, make me squeal in delight
That knowing smirk of yours kills me, the sensation is such a fight
Hold me down babe, I’m floating in the air in a dream
But to this, there is no surrender, we’re better as a team

Oh, I am crying now my baby, such a tearful rite
Look at me closely, doesn't this just feel so right?
Talk to me sweetie, oh pray tell what do I do
Anything to stay this way, sweetly intertwined with you
Loved the Beard :)