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Morning News
« on: July 16, 2013, 12:03:00 am »
I flipped the page to move on
To read another letter and word and phrase
I feel the ink that forms the story
The story of how I secretly dug your grave

I stared so long at the photographed memory
Of how vivid my anger was that day
The tightness of my grip on the knife
That I sunk with no second thoughts onto your nape

I remember the warmth of that crimson blood of yours
The way it trickled down my arm
I can still smell your stinking last breath
When I moved closer to make you face your death

As I saw you limp slowly without life
How that sparkle disappeared from your eyes
I slowly smiled and at the same time cried
Because finally, to my nightmares I can say goodbye

I walked away fully aware of what I've done
You broke my heart and now you're gone
You refused when I asked you to stay with me
If I can't have you... then neither could she

Too bad, the morning newspaper didn't know it was me.
Loved the Beard :)