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I saw him standing outside her door
And I felt a wrench in my heart
His face looked hopeful for more
One knock was what kept them apart

I saw him walking along the same road she used to take
And I felt a pang in my chest
His face looked so sad and he couldn't fake
I knew he wanted to give her nothing but his best

I saw him sitting outside her favorite cafe
And I felt my eyes well with tears
He bought her favorite bouquet
He just have to be courageous and face his fears

I saw him singing her favorite song
And I felt my body went rigid
He memorized the lyrics all night long
I know he'd win her back if he just did

But he stays more at the bar
And I felt my mind go blank
He drank all the cocktails until his mind goes far
His crying made my heart sank

I am paid by the hour to be with this man
To see him through and give him what I can
And as I give him what he bought from me
Time and passion, but love is not what this should be

I see a man being ripped to pieces
I see a man crying for a woman he misses
I see a man whose heart is so pure
A man who'd like to forget...

And so goes for what the body can lure.
Loved the Beard :)