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The NY Times believes in Kendall Jenner #metoo
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On Sunday, the New York Times ran an uplifting story about a brave California teen who doesn't go to regular school anymore and one time she spilled spaghetti on the carpet. It's Kendall Jenner!

"Kendall Jenner," declares the Times headline, proudly. "A Sister Who Does More Than Keep Up." What is the "More" exactly? Unclear at this point. Seems like less, from the article, which says nothing. It's Kendall Jenner!  ::flowers

"Look who landed on an entire page in the Sunday New York Times today," tweeted Kris Jenner, mom of Kendall on Sunday.

The plot twist is that unlike other celebrity/aspiring models, Ms. Jenner actually has the raw material. She has big doe eyes, shiny dark hair and full lips. She is 5 feet 10 inches, very slender and very leggy. She has a real shot, even without her family connections.

“I think you always talk about how appreciative you are,” one of her publicists said.

“Yeah, how appreciative I am,” Ms. Jenner said, plucking at her tights.

“And that you enjoy the life you have,” the publicist said.

“I enjoy the life I have,” Ms. Jenner said, zipping and unzipping a sofa cushion.

Ryan Seacrest, a 38-year-old man not a member of the Kardashian family who acts, for the New York Times, as a secondary source on Kendall Jenner, promises that the 17-year-old will "at some point" be depicted dating on her family's show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which he executive produces.

At the end of the interview, Kendall says she is hungry (her growling belly the opposite of that plate she spoke of earlier) and leaves the room.  :D


Kendall Jenner posing in lingerie & a Santa hat 🎅
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Nothing says Christmas like Kendall-

Love Magazine is counting down to Christmas with models, and Kendall Jenner was featured on the teaser photo.

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Kendall's Nips for Chanel's ...
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Re: The NY Times believes in Kendall Jenner #metoo
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fashion = no bras .... oh yeah!!

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Re: The NY Times believes in Kendall Jenner #metoo
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Nice. I love small melons! :) #FreeTheNipples
Ppuing ppuing~!


Kendall Jenner's under nips in GQ cover
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