Author Topic: Iowa Boy Kills Mother After His Copy Of "Call of Duty" Is Taken Away  (Read 6109 times)


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Dati nagdadabog lang ang mga bata kapag hindi pinayagan ng nanay maglaro, ngayon pinapatay na ang nanay.

14-year-old Noah Crooks has been charged with first-degree murder and assault with intent to commit sexual abuse after shooting his mother multiple times with a rifle back in  March.

The Osage, Iowa teenager admitted both to killing and attempting to rape his mother, Gretchen, 37 on a call placed to 911 after the incident took place the evening of March 24, 2012.

The call was played back for jurors earlier this week as Crooks' trial began. While speaking to a 911 dispatcher, Crooks also talked about playing Call of Duty—his mother had taken away his controller three hours before the shooting over bad grades.

"I’m not joking at all. She’s dead. I’m scared. I killed my mom with my .22," Crooks said.

When the police arrived at Crooks' home, Gretchen Crooks was found laying on the sofa nude from the waist down, having sustained over 20 gunshot wounds. In the dispatch call, Crooks said he couldn't believe what he had done.

"Tell them my weapon is empty. I just wish it was a dream so I could wake up and I could kiss her and hug her,” Crooks said during the 911 call.
As the trial began the morning of May 1st, Defense attorney William Kutmus said a child psychiatrist would be testifying that Crooks suffers from intermittent explosive disorder, a behavioral disorder that can cause recurring, spontaneous outbursts of violent or aggressive behavior.

Whether this latest violent incident will simply add to the scrutiny of video game content, inspire reform to state and federal mental health programs, or impact gun control laws is a mystery but it is evident that there is a very large problem that needs to be identified, addressed and solved..


oh the MOM who gave her son a GUN for his 11th Birthday, im sorry but if parents gave their underage child a gun and get shot(or other people do) thats on them, whatever happens they are the ones to blame

Call of Duty was not to Blame here, unless RAPE is now a new feature of the game

bad judgement and parenting(really bad parenting), thats all this was


COD DLC, rape mod  ???


bakit may rape pa na kasama?