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« on: December 02, 2010, 05:01:27 am » mga bisaya dito...may alam ba kano saan maraming magagandang PROSTI dito sa CEBU ? yung mumurahin lang...budget 1k(below) may friend kasi yung tiyo koh...kahit mtanda na eh ayaw parin patigil...dumidila parin...please help..

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di talaga nagbabasa ng rules tsk tsk parang the late Mika Mika  smoking::,96936.0.html

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Yw sad na brad ui...

Mga hugaw mana dha..

Budget no probs basta gwapa..


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naa dghan sa jongquera nagka lata hasta imong pikoy ma lata sad
I     S     T     O     R     Y     A    H     E     E