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Author Topic: 😎 HOW TO attach/post/upload IMAGES/PHOTOS  (Read 13015 times)

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😎 HOW TO attach/post/upload IMAGES/PHOTOS
« on: October 01, 2021, 01:06:01 pm »
With's new & reformatted user interface, this is how to attach/post/upload photos & images.
Just simply drag and drop your pics on the space provided to upload photos/images.
You can also post multiple photos at the same time and just drag/drop all your photos on the Blue Button as long as it doesn't exceed the given maximum file load on that Image Hosting Site.
Just copy/paste the Embed Codes that says, "BBCode full linked" into the message board of Espiya.
The higher the resolution of your images that you upload, the larger & clearer it will appear on Espiya's Boards.

Image Hosting Site: 


Here are other image hosting sites that you can use to attach/post/upload images in your posts: 

Note: When I used these image hosting sites here in the new platform of, I did some experimentation through trial & error before I upload or posts any images to see if the image itself will appear here.
Before you post your image/s, you may use first the PREVIEW BUTTON to view if the image will appear on your post/reply (Screenshot below).
One tip I can give is to choose the given Embed Code that says "BB Code" on these sites and then copy-paste them here in your replies/posts.

Note: Video file formats are not playable on espiya's servers so you have to first convert your video file (short vids only) into a giphy (gif) format, and the file limit to upload them through these hosting sites is roughly between 40-50MB only. 
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