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Spies.... Recommend a Law School for me....


Mga spies, I'm thinking of taking up my Masters in Education (Social Studies)  in the near future, could you recommend some university/college/school with the following criteria...  Kailangan kasi ng 2 years teaching experience if you want to take up Masters at PNU....

A university that accepts masteral students with NO teaching experiences

A university that offers Saturday/Sunday classes

Within the vicinity of Manila

Reasonable tuition and fees...

Thanks to all!!!

paayos naman moderators..... mali yung title na nailagay ko at walang edit/delete button akong makita...


Catt Robertson:
I can suggest you a profound service to help you with your admission and cover letter. If you want you may find a full report on their website. I used it a couple of times, they helped me with both my application and further studying.


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