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Espiya in French Riviera?


Gat J.P. Rizal:
A wee break for 3 nights in this area end of this month.

I'll be staying in Nice. Planned itinerary day trips to Cannes/Antibes and Villafranche/EzeVillage/Monaco/Monte Carlo.

If anyone been there...  tips or suggestions, very much welcome.


The beach wont be like Boracay, but it's awesome for people watching.  Also, watch your wallet.  Pickpockets are top of their game in Nice.

Gat J.P. Rizal:
Thanks for the Tips.  Big cities in Europe talamak talaga mandurukot.  Been in Spain to 5 major cities ito talaga problema nila... sa dakmang mandurukot.  Di din ako nagdadala ng wallet kaya medyo lugi mandurukot sa akin.

Check their beaches mostly rocky pebbles type.  Very common din yung topless beach goers nagbibilad sa init pero tingin ko malabo ngayon medyo may kalamigan na ata punta namin.  Only interested in taking pictures the usual Pinoy tourist picture2x basta may time lol.

Don't make trouble in Monte Carlo, Seigneur. The police are already on par with Philadelphia's finest when it comes to rousting troublemakers. And if I remember correctly, there's a rule of thumb a relative once shared with me: "Stay at the French side of the Riviera but eat at the Italian side."


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