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ServantGeneral (SG):
We realized people need jobs and money, so this new board is created.

You may share links, tips or info related to getting jobs or making money, whether making money online or offline.

The Buy and Sell board is now under this Jobs and Money Forum.

* Gambling/casino
* Pyramid

If you are posting an article from a website, do not post the entire article if it's more than 4 paragraphs. Just quote the first paragraph, then put the link.

If you are in the business, trading or money market field, you may post "insider tips".

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very nice board sir SD...
this would be a great help not just to us spies but to us pinoys in general...
sana our friends and co spies from overseas (that includes you sir) will be posting such articles and help us...

me in my part... i'm badly lookin' for an opportunity to work outside 'pinas...
life here in 'pinas is getting miserable letterally everyday...

more power to us.................... ::) ::) ::)

sana may magpo post na......... ;D ;D ;D

nice category sir..
Like me, i need job right now..


Keep it up sir..

Technical Analysis Seminar

Dates and Time:

August 3 - 7PM-10PM (3 hours)
August 4 - 9AM-12PM, 1PM-4PM (6 hours)
August 5 - 9AM-12PM (3 hours), possible for an after lunch
extension.  I still have to check with Dan

Fee: 6,000.00 per person

Absolute Traders shall provide 2 instructors for the whole seminar.   
Fee shall include handouts, membership in Absolute Traders forum,
Certificate of Attendance - subject to result of exams.

Number of students is a minimum 15 people and a maximum of 20.

See below for their course outline for Basic TA Seminar.

For me it's very comprehensive, covered na covered yung TA.

I believe 6K is worth gyud. If we are planning something big, it's a big leap! dali ra kaau bawion ang 6K sa gains.

I think we need to complete at least Basic TA Class para mamember ka sa ilang site and community.

I really would like this effort to push through, para magbalik balik p cla dinhi Cebu, kay we really lack trainings here. We study lang gyud with our own. Building network is also very important.

Basta worth gyud cya for 6k gyud. Smiley

email or txt  me lang if you can decide. I am starting to list down names of those interested to join.
Here is the link of there course outline too.+

Basic Technical Analysis for the Financial Market Course Outline


1. Technical Analysis definition
2. 3 basic tenets of technical analysis
3. Random Walk Theory
4. The Dow Theory


1. Trendlines
2. Percentage Retracements
3. Reversal Days
4. Gaps


1. Two Types of Patterns: Reversal and Continuation
2. The Head and Shoulders Reversal Pattern
3. Triple Tops & Bottoms 4. Double Tops & Bottoms
5. V Formations, or Spikes
6. Continuation Patterns
7. Triangles
8. The Broadening Formation
9. The Diamond Formation
10. Flags and Pennants
11. The Wedge Formation
12. The Rectangle Formation
13. The Continuation Head and Shoulders Pattern

1. Interpretation of Volume
2. Importance of Longer-Range Perspective
3. Long-Term to Short-Term Charts
4. The Moving Average


1. Interpretation of Oscillators
2. Constructing an Oscillator Using Two Moving Averages
3. Oscillator Interpretation
4. When Oscillators are Most Useful
5. Moving Average Convergence Divergence


1. Reward-to-Risk Ratios
2. Trading Multiple Positions
3. Conservative vs. Aggressive Trading
4. Trading Tactics
5. Trading Guidelines
6. Technical Checklist



Kailangan mo lang.. pc at internet connection.Legitimate po yan... click to pay.. $2 ang pay-out thru paypal. Free to join. Mas maraming makuhang referral mas madaling lumaki ang earning.. Hindi sya matagal na work.. mga 15 min. lang tapos ka na pero syempre daily sya.. konting effort lang syempre.. pangit naman kung wlang kahirap-hirap.. imposible na ata un..Sali ka na.. try mo. Walang mawawala sayo.. just give your little time daily.. Open ka ng pay-pal which is free to join. para makapagpay-out ka..

or try mo rin to..

<a href='' target='_blank'>
<img src='' border='0'>

Konting tyaga lang mga pare ko.. yayaman din tayo... :applause :applause


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