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😎 The NEW MOD is now on Board!

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congrats paps. ::inposition

The Archangel:

--- Quote from: rbspiderX on September 01, 2020, 03:18:29 PM ---congrats paps. ::inposition

--- End quote ---
Maraming salamat kapatid!

Horny Packer:

--- Quote from: The Archangel on September 01, 2020, 01:29:11 PM ---Good Day to the Espiya Community:

First of all, I would like to thank the Servant General (SG, Espiya's Big Brother) for installing me as the new Official Board Moderator (with special mention to Mod @namster & Mod @DjDaveTrance).
It is an honor & a privilege to be serving this community as an Official Moderator after being around for 15 years (2005).

As the newly-installed Moderator of this Community, I will help my fellow Moderators in cleaning up our 15-year old forum.
Therefore, I will not hesitate to remove/delete posts that will run against the rules of this forum as per SG's (Servant General) directive, and with it, the other directives of my fellow Moderators. 

@ FIRST: BTS (Buying-Trading-Selling)
The emergence of this activity was seen around the last quarter of 2019 much to my disgust.
There are some members here who messaged me that they should have their own section here but I opposed it mainly because it will directly go against the Espiya theme & motto of "Search & Share" that is seen above the Dashboard when you log in.
Either they are legit or non-legit BTS is beside the point because Espiya is not a Trading Site where you can barter & sell your goods.
Although there is a section here about "Buy & Sell" - but that is specifically only for physical things you want to do away with by selling, and NOT for scandals / leaks.

@ SECOND: GCs or Group Chats:
The intermittent promoting & inviting of members here to join GCs is improper.
Espiya is already a GROUP so its promotion & invitation is already irrelevant.
Joining groups outside the Espiya Community defeats the very purpose here of camaraderie & brotherhood.
Therefore, joining GCs and all kinds of Groups outside of the Espiya Community is very disrespectable.

@ THIRD: Repetitive & Redundant Requests (which I call, "3R"):
These are usually done by new members and some veterans also.
They should browse the threads first before opening a request or topic.
Or better yet, search via Google (example: Ivana Alawi - espiya.net) and there you will immediately see a list of the existing links under Espiya.net in relation to the subject or topic that you are looking or searching for.

@ FOURTH: Content(s) that are with the NBI Files:
To make our community safe, refrain from posting and/or requesting content(s) that are are either under investigation or have been investigated by the authorities. 
If and when we receive report(s) in regards to this, we will have to delete it.

@ FIFTH: The use of PM/DM messaging feature of this forum:
Do not use your PM/DMs for transacting things here like Buying-Trading-Selling Adult Contents.
Use wisely your messaging feature here in interacting with other members and NOT by transacting any business/businesses that will be detrimental to Adult Digital Subscription sites.   

So on behalf of my fellow Moderators,
Let us all keep our forum clean & orderly at all times as if it were our home.
Espiya is our online barkada, it is our Barangay, tambayan nating lahat ito.
Nandito tayong lahat to have a good time, at hindi mang-good time.
And so, I am encouraging my espiya brothers to practice good brotherhood & camaraderie among yourselves always, 24/7.
At sabay-sabay tayong umawit ng "We Are The World" (Biro Lang). 

Please be guided accordingly, 
Bro. Chris / The Archangel
(Espiya Member circa 2005) 

N.B. If you see posts that run against the Directives of this forum, there is no need to PM the Mods, just press the sign that says, "Report To The Moderator" so that the other Moderators will see the reports. 

--- End quote ---

Congratulations, Pafs!  bnana toast::

The Archangel:

--- Quote from: Horny Packer on September 01, 2020, 03:26:33 PM ---Congratulations, Pafs!  bnana toast::

--- End quote ---
Thank you very much, Pafs!  haha...



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