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ANONYMOUS SPEAKS: Pork Barrel Scam (Updated) pt.3
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Anonymous says:
AUGUST 2, 2013 AT 11:31 PM
I would like to contribute to this blog.

The Napoles speak fluent Chabakano.

They are rich because they do business in both sides – opposition and coalition. They started poor in the 70s – 80s selling packed lunch (similar to jolly-jeep) at the premises of AFP since Jimmy is a Marine. Officer.

I don’t have a single clue where the f*ck they get the idea that they are into the coal mining business.
Janet and the female owner of AM-Europharma are BFFs. That explains their mansions in Laguna because AM-Europharma’s factory is in Laguna.

Eddie Badeo is effing naive. Everything she said is spot on and correct. But, all martyrs die in the end.
There are three siblings in the Lim family, Ronald Francisco Lim, Janet Francisco Lim, Reynald “Jojo” Luy Lim. “Jojo” is a half brother and Benhur Luy is related to Reynald. That’s why they could not kill Benhur when they still have a chance. But now they all wish him dead.

Jo-Christine Napoles is a graduate from St. Benilde. Her brother, James Napoles is also from Benilde.
Benhur is as guilty as Janet – they both became rich helping politicians steal from us.

Merlina Sunas is still poor and helpless. Janet used her all throughout these years. Save Merlina and let Benhur die.

Patayin na natin lahat ng mga kongressman at senador! at bantayan na ang mga airport dahil tumatakas na sila isa isa!

This is just one of the many calls for murder and the likes. I do not subscribe to this idea but for the sake of telling the story, I am reposting. There were suggestions that they tell what they know to, CNN, and other trusted media personality.

Our collective curiosity was upped by the revelations. Who are involved? Who are robbing us of our taxes. Anonymous answers:

Anonymous says:
AUGUST 3, 2013 AT 1:10 AM
Everyone wants to know the identities of the congressmen and senators and cabinet members and judges that have business relations with JLN Corp.


There are numerous security cameras installed in Janet’s office and the recording machine is located in her room. You will see all the people that comes in and out of their office – including ALL the politicians in HD viewing.

If by any chance they have deleted it, the people of the philippines can ask Discovery Suites CCTV footage of their hotel entrance at the back of their building. Or the CCTV at the Serendipity Lounge. It is also interesting to check the CCTV footage of Landbank Ortigas and see how many times the employees of JLN come in and out in a day for the last five years. Or probably all CCTV at the banks in Greenhills (along ortigas avenue) because most probably, JLN Corp have accounts on them.

We might as well try CCTV footage at Starbucks and Dome Cafe at Podium. I am sure as hell that they will find videos there for the past 3 or more years.

But people, we better act fast because once they read this blog, those videos are good as gone.

I really don't know how much of Anonymous' story is true. But like someone who receives a bomb threat, I simply cannot ignore the warning.

At this point, the readers are thanking Anonymous. Some were thinking of another People Power Revolution out of disgust. There are suggestions of statehood (that the Philippines becomes the 51st USA state), change of charter, and others that are so bloody. One even called on the soldiers to start a bloody revolution! There is animosity among some readers due to conflicting ideas. But I realized while reading the comments, Philippines is indeed a free country. Crooks are free to rob as free as the citizens to be verbally hostile.

Going back to Anonymous, he is not done yet though he said, this one will be his last comment. He gave out some interesting info like an edited telephone number allegedly of Janet Napoles. He even linked the big telcos to this mess. He addressed the netizens, to wit:

Anonymous says:
AUGUST 3, 2013 AT 8:40 PM
Dear Netizens…

We are very surprised to see this overwhelming response online. We seek no attention and we don’t welcome fame. That said, we will continue to be anonymous.

To the blog owner, the community wants to protect you. How can we protect your blog? Are you well informed on how to use each security feature on wordpress? If not, you can ask the community here on how you can further enhance the security of your blog and its consistencies. And to the community, let’s guard this blog.

This could be our last entry here. And we will make it quick.

JLN Corporation is only a small part of the structured embezzlement system established in this government. do you think that if all of us demand to “open janet’s bank accounts” will happen? No. Why? She’s is protected by law not to do it. Just like you and me. You have the right to refuse not to show your bank accounts to me, or to your friends, cousins, etc. Janet will exercise that right, same as we can also exercise our rights. Remember jose pidal? Was the envelope opened? No. How about corona? Were all the key bank accounts revealed? No. The Marcoses, their offshore accounts, yes they are “freezed”, but have you seen the details? No. And where are they now? They are still in power. And they will be forever in power. How about chavit singson? Do you know that he owns the land where metrowalk ortigas is located? How were they able to own that? Of course through jueteng and corruption. But that’s another story.

The point is – the philippine law is in Janet’s side. Like others that were in the same situation as her now – marcos, estrada, lacson, glorya, corona and countless politicians (well almost all of them) – this too shall pass. And she will be acquitted. I can see the web traffic on this blog and there’s a significant number of lawyers reading this comment at this very moment. And they know that I am right. Surprisingly, Janet is reading this blog right now, and you can just imagine her big smile painted on her face.

Why? Because the people you elected created a law that will protect them from us. And there is nothing that we can do. There is nothing that you can do. People power? Yes we can all march on Edsa and after that what? We will all be back where this issue left off – country will still be in poverty.

Let’s go back to the current issue. Janet’s company, JLN Corporation together with her family, serves only a fraction of what caused the poverty in this nation. She’s only a part of a hand that feeds the mouth and the whole body. Now, ponder this, IF the Napoles is put into prison at this very instant, and we recovered their wealth and put it back from the people’s coffer – now what? The same congressmen, senators, cabinet members, police chiefs, army chiefs, NBI chiefs, judges will start to steal again. Have we solved the root cause the nation’s problem? No.

You and I are angry at Janet. Yes, that is true. But consider this, Janet is only a facilitator. The beneficiaries of everything she stole goes back to the senators, congressmen, mayors, etc. And JLN Corporation is only ONE company that we are aware of. There are MANY companies and foundations out there that, members of the congress and senators operate. You think that enrile has no foundation similar to janet? Hell no, he got dozens. And also estrada, etc.

I want to state some facts here. Janet is still “poor” compare to the arroyos and macapagals. In fact, janet’s wealth doesn’t even come close to pandak. Pandak’s family has been plundering the nation since Diosdado’s time. How? That’s why Dado got rid off the americans because Dado wants absolute control of the country’s wealth. Similar to glorya, from VP to President to congress. They will fuck everyone just to stay with power. Why? Annual country budget in our country averages Php21Trillion. Imagine even if you can have 1% of that amount every year, will you not kill anyone that will stand in your way and fuck everyone else?

Now let’s go back. JLN corp and jo-chris trading accumulated wealth during the time of arroyo. And we all know for a fact that marcos’ wealth is puny compare to the collective wealth of the arroyos and macapagals. And during the time of arroyo, everyone steals from everybody and they made a killing. Do you think that with a company like Janet’s will not attract arroyo’s attention during her term?
Arroyo knows janet and glorya just let her run her business. Why? Arroyo was busy in bigger projects and Janet’s company breathes life to this ecosystem and keeps its liquidity. Janet’s company and other companies similar to hers keep things balance in this systematic scheme and organized plunder.
So people, if we want to be angry, let’s not be angry to one person only. Let’s be angry to the people who held post during glorya’s term and to previous and current members of congress and some senators (wait, is tito sotto still a senator? No wonder) and mayors, and governors, and cabinet members and their undersecretaries.

To all the people who demand for trial and investigation, please stop, please. Nothing will come out of that investigation and please don’t fool yourselves that if you make a campaign to stop and abolish pork barrel and pork barrel will be gone – no, it will not happen. Never.

The philippines have already suffered enough. All our previous people power were all peaceful and look at ourselves now. We are still here and I am writing this piece.
The solution is a violent revolt against all members of congress and senate. Let their bodies hang on bridges and burn their houses. Once the purge is over, the government should hire a foreign consulting company that will handle the nation’s budget and rebuild this nation from ground up. It is a fact that we filipinos cannot govern our own selves, let’s face it. Once we see power and wealth within our grasps, we don’t fucking care anymore. This is the only way to restore our nation and to bring back countless OFWs abroad and start a new life for the current generation.

There is no other solution.

Before we abandon this blog, we will give you the telephone number of Janet. All of them have accounts in Globe. So if you have friends working in the call centre of globe, you can hook up with them and uncover all their numbers. Once Janet’s number is out, it will only be a matter of hours before she switches to another number, so text her with something substantial that will drive her do the right thing. The family is still in the country but they will be leaving next week. Numerous congressmen and senators are already sending their children abroad so better hurry if we will start a bloody revolt. Burning the houses in ayala alabang and forbes park is a good place to start the purge.

Here is her number:
+63917 525 XXXX (edited)

Remember, this is not all Janet’s fault, her part in this grand scheme is very, very, very, little to be honest. The whole nation is in poverty because of the people you voted and they created laws that will make it legitimate to steal from you and me and from all of us. Kill all the congressmen. Kill all the senators. Don’t forget to kill the Macapagals and the Arroyos down to their last kin. Guard the airports and seaports, don’t let them out. And we will have our freedom and you will all get your taxes back. you can also kill kris aquino if you like.

Or maybe we can just sit back and relax and go back to work on Monday and forget that this blog ever existed. Just dont be mad when you see your payslip with the word TAX on it, and GSIS/SSS, and salary loans, and PAGIBIG and all those other shit that only your payroll team knows.

Tita Jenny, we are very sorry for this and to Jeane – we hate to admit but all the parties you had were all amazing and you really know how to bring the house down *wink wink high fives and down lows wink wink*. But we have to do this. Who knows tita jen, you may become a hero in this story because you became the catalyst to finally make a positive change in this country. But we think everyone is looking for you now. And there is no fucking way out.

And to the napoles children, all of you should have known that your parents were helping politicians steal money, you should have told them before to stop immediately. And to janet and jimmy, you should be ashamed of yourselves bringing your own demise to your family. and to ALL the politicians, PNP chiefs, Army chiefs, judges and cabinet members, just pray that the napoleses wont post your home addresses and phone numbers here on this blog – else you’ll be all fucked. (We want to see Glorya and Enrile fucked up so hard by the way – if a bloody revolt happens. How long enrile has been in power? since 1986? fuck hell, how much is his worth now?!?!)


(Haven’t you noticed that globe is owned by the ayalas, ayala alabang is of course alayas and every politician has a house in that village, and everything else is ayala – aside from the lopezes, cojuangcos, gokongweis, villars, madrigals, monteverdes, sys, tans, uys, villars, etc etc etc. I thought that we were free from the spaniards more than a century ago? Seems not.)

The x's there was purposely bleeped along with the telephone number, I assume by the blog owner, since it calls for a bloody action short of a massacre. Readers are mad, I am trying to keep my cool, until I saw this:

Anon 21 says:
AUGUST 4, 2013 AT 2:36 AM
Please check the Instagram accounts of jinggoy’s sons. (And save them before they delete/make it private). Lavish lifestyles too. Private jets and all. His 20yr old son also posted a photo evidencing his gambling in solaire. I think 21 years old ang legal age for gambling here in the Philippines.

I don't have an Instagram account, there was no link to this claim, but thinking that this could be true, wouldn't you get angry at this scandal? At this point, I am not saying that these are all true. However, we know that somewhere right now, there are persons who are siphoning off money from the people's coffer. And what do they do with easy money? Invest in stocks? They also lavish their kids with luxuries! All these happen while many people are hungry and roofless. Not just kids, but some attorneys who are serving the privileged ones.

lostchudent says:
AUGUST 4, 2013 AT 10:40 AM
Atty. Bruce Rivera, just moved in to his new place in Alabang. He is the lawyer of Janet Lim Napoles. You do the math.

Oh, here's Anonymous' answer to my earlier question on how much politicians earn from Janet Napoles and her corporation:

Anonymous says:
AUGUST 4, 2013 AT 10:44 AM
This is only a partial list of the members of house of representatives that earned through JLN Corporation. Senators not yet included. Literal na tumulo ang mga dugo namin sa pagbibilang dahil natutusok mga daliri namin sa dami ng stapler sa mga resibo at kunsumido na kameng magbilang at magcompute kaya naka-round off to the nearest thousands or millions ang mga amounts dito. halo halo ang mga cash vouchers, MOA, resibo, cash disbursements, at kung ano ano pang mga papel na may mga pangalan ng mga tao na yan na hindi din namin kilala. yung ibang mga papel may mga dates in the year 2004 hanggang 2009 pero initial listing pa lang ito. May mga 2010-2011 pa dito.

Sa mga nagsasabi na may hidden agendas mga anonymous dito, kung may hidden agendas sila or kame, hindi namin i-po-post ito ng libre at didiretso kame sa mga TV stations para benta namin mga nalalaman namin.

Kaya eto, binibigay namin sa inyo ng libre. Hindi pa kumpleto yan at estimate namin, bawat tao dyan
siguro kumita ng average na 5M isang tao. Pero sa pag-co-compute namin, mahirap pa din ang mga Napoles sa mga tao na nakalista dito kung ikukumpara sila sa isat isa kasi hindi naman pera nila Napoles ito, pondo ng mga tao na nakalista dito.

Naka excel format ito kaso paglagay namin sa comment sections nagiba ng format. Ayaw na namin mag-edit, kayo na lang umintindi. (Dulzspeaks: Okay, I did the editing)

Abdulgani Salapuddin  768,000
Abdullah Dimaporo  590,000
Alfredo Marañon Jr  1.2M
Alipio Badelles  4.8M
Amado Espino Jr.  5M
Ancieto Saludo Jr  766,000
Angelo Montilla  2.8M
Antonio Cuenco  1M
Antonio Floirendo Jr.  3M
Antonio Lagdameo Jr.  600,000
Antonio Nachura  2.9M
Arrel Olaño  350,000
Arthur Celeste  3.1M
Arthur Pingoy  3.2M
Augusto Syjuco Jr  3M
Aurelio Umali  3.8M
Bellaflor J. Angara Castillo  3M
Belma Cabilao  2.8M
Benasing Macarambon Jr.  830,000
Carlos Padilla  4.2M
Cecilla Seares Luna  5M
Celso Lobregat  450,000
Charity Leviste  350,000
Conrado Estrella III  2M
Cynthia Villar  2M
Danton Bueser  3.8M
Didagen Dilangalen  100,000
Doglas Cagas  5M
Edcel Lagman  1.8M
Edelmiro Amante  855,000
Edgar Espinosa  280,000
Edgardo Chatto  2.9M
Edwin Uy  2M
Emilio Espinosa Jr  4M
Ernie Clarete  4M
Erwin Chiongbian  3.2M
Exequiel Javier  5.8M
Faustino Dy III  320,000
Fausto Seachon Jr  5M
Federico Sandoval II  5.2M
Felix Alfelor Jr.  3.9M
Felix William Fuentebella  2.9M
Florencio Miraflores  1.3M
Francis Escudero  3M
Francis Nepomuceno  5M
Francisco Perez  5M
Fredenil Castro  750,000
Generoso Tulagan  2.8M
Gerardo Espina Sr  1M
Gilbert Remulla  1.4M
Glenda Ecleo  4.2M
Gregorio Ipong  2.8M
Guimid Matalam  5M
Harlin Abayon  2M
Herminio Teves  1M
Hussin Amin  2.8M
Imee Marcos  2M
Isidro Real Jr  4.2M
Isidro Rodriguez Jr.  900,000
Jacinto Paras  3M
Jesnar Falcon  3.9M
Joaquin Chipeco Jr  4.9M
Jose Apolinario Lozada Jr.  4M
Jose Solis  4.3M
Josefina Joson  4M
Josephine Ramirez Sato  2.2M
Juan Pablo Bondoc  4M
Juan Ponce Enrile Jr  4.8M
Jurdin Jesus Romualdo  655,000
Liwayway Chato  3.8M
Lorna Silverio  200,000
Magtanggol Gunigundo   900,000
Manuel Ortega  3M
Manuel Zamora  900,000
Marcelino Libanan  3M
Mauricio Domogan  3.8M
Mayo Almario  345,000
Monico Puentevella  3.3M
Napoleon Beratio  3M
Nenet San Juan  765,000
Orlando Fua Jr.  720,000
Oscar Garin  2M
Oscar Moreno  3M
Oscar Rodriguez  4.8M
Plaridel Abaya  5M
Prospero Amatong  2.9M
Prospero Nograles  5M
Prospero Pichay Jr  4M
Rafael Nantes  5.1M
Raul Del Mar  2.2M
Raul Gonzalez  850,000
Renato Unico Jr  4.8M
Reynaldo Uy  450,000
Robert Barbers  4M
Roberto Cajes  855,000
Roberto Puno  2M
Rodolfo Albano Jr  150,000
Rodolfo Plaza  4M
Rolex Suplico  700,000
Romeo Jalosjos  2M
Rommel Amatong  280,000
Romualdo Vicencio  1M
Ronaldo Andaya  800,000
Roque Ablan  1.7M
Roseller Barinaga  250,000
Ruben Torres  4M
Sally Ponce Enrile  4M
Samuel Dangwa  4M
Soraya Jaafar  3M
Tomas Dumpit  3.2M
Trinidad Apostol  850,000
Vicente Sandoval  2.9M
Victor Sumulong  5M
Vida Espinosa  4M
Zenaida Ducut  6M


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